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CogniSens Athletics is a sports neuroscience company that develops cutting-edge technologies to assess and condition perceptual-cognitive abilities for athletes. These have been established and validated at the highest levels of elite sports, including NFL, NHL, EPL and NBA.


We are partnered with the world-leading Visual Psychophysics & Perception Laboratory at the Univeristy of Montreal, headed by Dr.Faubert, our Chief Science Officer.


Through research partnerships with professional teams and elites sports institutes, we actively refine sports-specific cross-modal training and measurment techniques in the market. A rich database of training statistics aids in the analysis of performance assessments.

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The platforms our breakthroughs are delivered through

The professor and the lab at the frontiers of human cognition

Cutting-edge research  in the field through elite sports partnerships

The CogniSens Athletics team and recognitions of success

Neurotechnologies for sports performance and assessment